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Space Clearing for Home, Business & Land

What is Space Clearing?
Space is clearing is equivalent to energetic cleaning of your space. It's like hiring a maid to clean the energy in your space. 

Why Should I Consider Having a Space Clearing?
Most people have experienced the "vibe" of a place whether it's "Cold & Creepy" or "Warm & Cozy". Just as you can get a "good" or "bad" vibe from a person - You can also get that feeling from a space. We all want a space to feel comfortable in our space whether it's our home, business, or the land & livestock we nurture & care for.

When the "vibe" or "energy" is off many things can go awry - our space can become a space of complaining, criticizing, gossiping, arguing, blaming, relationship problems, sleep & health problems, feeling as though the walls are closing in around you, anxiety, depression, unorganized clutter, feelings of being "stuck in a rut", land & livestock unable to regenerate, and difficulty in attracting new business. 

What are the Benefits of Space Clearing?
Space Clearing helps reset the energy in your space. Space clearing helps harmonizes & balance the flow of energy in a space, by clearing out negative energies. This can help remove uncomfortable, unwanted feelings in your home, help improve and promote positive exchanges & interactions with others, attract more positivity to your space, more warmth & happiness, promote a healthier & more serene space for healing illnesses, encouragement of more fertile, abundant crops & livestock, and attract more traffic & income to your business.


What to do to Maintain Balanced Energy after a Space Clearing?

Space Clearing for Home, Business & Land
One Hour Session for $100
NOTE: Additional Charges
of $1.00 per mile over 30 miles
from 96150 zip code. Spaces over 1 acre will be given an estimate.