Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations

"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo!"

Ahh, you found me! So, maybe you have seen my advertisement or an events advertisements somewhere and you're here because you want to know what "Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo!" is all about. There is sometimes a connotation about spiritual healing is a bunch of "Woo Woo" and what we do is help heal what's ailing you, your "Boo Hoo". Thus, my little tagline "Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo"!
I am glad you found me and you're here. I offer various services that help reduce or alleviate people of physical and emotional pain. I am a Usui Reiki Practitioner Master Teacher and Sound Healer Teacher. I love helping people with my practices and these are some of the things that my services can help you with. If you are using Traditional Western Medicine and not getting results, you may try integrating alternative healing into your treatment plan. 

Reiki & Sound Healing Can Help Improve Symptoms of the following...

Physical & Emotional PainGrief & HeartacheAnxiety & Depression
Cancer Pain & Treatment Side EffectsPTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)Behavior Disorders
Autism Chronic FatigueHealing Sports Injuries
ConfusionHeadaches & MigranesFibromyalgia
Sleep IssuesDiabetesHigh/Low Blood Pressure



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